Original Music
by Charles Sepos

Charles Sepos is an artist who creates music to move his listeners to new realms. The hallmarks of his music are uncommon melody, unique tonality, rhythmic vitality, and coloristic richness, underpinned by substantial architecture that continues the boundary-challenging tradition from Ockeghem, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy, Ravel, Bartok and Stravinsky. Vigorous creativity, rigorous exploration, mastery of styles, contrapuntal invention, impeccable craftsmanship, and unfailing sense of proportion mingle to create a unique and powerful compositional voice, a voice dedicated to transformation of the spirit and raising of human consciousness.

for flute and 5-octave marimba
commissioned and premiered by flutist Ilse Sakakeeny
1998 ~ 12 minutes

Hymn to Dionysos, Ancient Greek God of Joy and Ecstasy

for treble chorus (SSAA) with 2 trumpets, 2 horns, optional percussion, optional synthesizer
commissioned and premiered by University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus, Tom Merrill, Director
1992 ~ 7 minutes
also available for mixed chorus (SATB) with 4 horns, optional percussion, optional synthesizer
also available for string quartet
also available for women's chorus and orchestra (4244/4331/1perc/strings)
orchestra version premiered by Cotati Philharmonic and Chorus 5 February 2000

for 2 pianists and 2 percussionists
commissioned and premiered by Cambiata Soloists with a grant from Meet the Composer
choreographed by Keith Martin for Ballet California
1989 ~ 15 minutes

for four percussionists playing drums and cymbals
commissioned and choreographed by modern dancer Pricsilla Nathan Murphy
1988 ~ 6 minutes

Tango Blue
formerly Blue Temptation Tango
piano solo
commissioned by organ builder John Brombaugh, Eugene, Oregon
1987 ~ 7 minutes

circular-breathing etude for wind instrument reading treble clef
commissioned and premiered by flutist Satoshi Okada
1986 ~ 9 minutes
also available for a pair of like wind instruments reading treble clef not using circular breathing

The Eighth Wing
8 songs on ancient I Ching Commentaries
for mezzo-soprano, baritone and small orchestra (1111dbl,2210,timpani,2percussion,piano,66642)
1984 ~ 18 minutes
also available in piano/vocal score for performance or rehearsal

5 songs for baritone voice with harp or piano on poems of Amy Lowell
1983 ~ 8 minutes

for organ
commissioned by organ builder John Brombaugh, Eugene, Oregon
1982 ~ 13 minutes

for small orchestra (1111,1210,timpani,2percussion,66642)
commissioned and choreographed by Spanish dancers Pascual Olivera and Angela del Moral
1980 ~ 3 minutes

for orchestra (4222dbl,4240,4percussion,strings)
1980 ~ 13 minutes